Baby's First Foods –
Baby's First Foods

Baby's First Foods

Starting your weaning journey with your little one can feel daunting.

"Where do I start? Baby Led or puree? How big do I chop their finger foods? What cutlery shall I get? Which bib is best?"

Here at Snazzy Kid we provide a lot of information for you to help you along.

Being a mother of two and I have tried it all. My first child only ate puree because I was too afraid of him choking. Then my daughter came along and I only did baby led weaning.

So I would say do whatever you are comfortable with.

When to start?

The recommended age to start weaning is around 6 months. When your baby can sit well without support. So around 5 months old you should start looking into what you will need to start your weaning adventure. Here are a few suggestions to think about.

High chairs 


I tried a few different types and in the end the one that won overall was the simple one from Ikea. Mainly because its super easy to clean. You spend a lot of time cleaning up after mealtimes so chairs with covers took a lot longer to clean. You can also invest in a splash mat that goes under the highchair to catch all the spills and dropped (thrown) food. Make sure to get one that is wipeable and machine washable.



Snazzy Kid® Splash Mat –



It gets messy but I soon realized the earlier you let them get stuck in the quicker they are at mastering their cutlery and the better they eat. So a wipeable bib with sleeves is a must!

Check out our tried and tested bibs available on our website.



Suction base bowls and plates are a life saver. Your little ones have no problems throwing their plates and bowls across the room. Most plates and bowls on the market have a suction base. Some have removeable ones so when your child grows you can remove them.

Bamboo plates are very popular amongst new mums and dads. Not only are they amazing to look at and more hygienic to use they are also better for the environment. One less plastic plate in the world!


bamboo baby plate cloud suction base


Cutlery has come a long way in the last few years. You can even get forks and spoons that are shaped to help your little ones navigate better. Most babies will start to use a spoon around the time they turn one but you can definitely start them off early. They will see you eating with cutlery and will try to imitate. 


So you have everything set up. Highchair, Bibs, Bowls, Spoons,  Splash Mat. Then comes the big question.

What food shall I start with?



Soft fruits and cooked cooled vegetables that are easy to digest. Start simple and then as time goes on you can mix two flavours together. Variety is key when you start weaning because offering a wide variety of foods will expand their palette. They will also get all of the nutrients they need to grown and develop. 

Baby's First Food Tracking Chart

To help you keep track of what foods you have tried we have created a Baby's First Food Tracker for you to print off. If your little one refuses one type of food it is important that you try that food again later on. As their palette matures they may change their minds. With this tracker you can see how many times you have offered a particular type of food. Try presenting them in a different way. My kids did not like scrambled eggs but would eat a dippy egg. They wouldn't eat cheese in strips but would eat it grated. It can be discouraging but never give up.


If you would like a copy of our printable Baby's First Foods Tracking Chart click the link below and send us a message. We will send the PDF to your email inbox.

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